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May 7, 201904:22 PM
Meet UP with Bobbejaan Splinter, Ria Hut and our own Peter Hesselink at booth #1629-9 during day 2 of Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) to learn more about our Maintenance & Inspection services for the offshore industry.
April 30, 201903:17 PM
A compilation of our latest UPgrade project in Cape Town, South Africa. Our supervisor Gert-Jan Boers performed an inspection, leakage repairs, circle-H installation, friction blasting, painting and a friction test on the mining vessel’s helideck. Now this deck is what...
April 19, 201912:34 PM
Offshore substation: Heart of the Arkona wind farm This video by 50Hertz Transmission GmbH shows the aluminium helideck Bayards Aluminium Constructions delivered for the substation at E.ON and Equinor's offshore wind farm Arkona. Another great example of teamwork within the Bayards Group!
The joint offshore substation of...
April 10, 201903:43 PM
Office of the day!
#aluminium #helideck #UPonthejob
April 1, 201901:29 PM
UP on a service & maintenance job on top of a platform in the Flekkefjord, Norway. Make sure you stay compliant with the (inter)national rules and regulations to enable safe landings. For a free consultation, give UP a call:
March 14, 201910:51 AM
Meet Peter Hesselink, our Service & Maintenance Manager. He is our clients’ main contact and assists them with all their helideck and helipad related issues. So if you have any questions regarding rules and regulations such as CAP 437, CAP...
March 6, 201911:44 AM
Our colleague @Hendrik Kaijim is at HAI HELI-EXPO this week. Meet up with him to talk all things heliport related!
#aluminium #heliport
February 28, 201911:45 AM
Spring is around the corner and the weather is getting increasingly better. Higher temperatures, lower humidity and less rain are beneficial when carrying out helideck maintenance such as re-painting markings. So now is the perfect time to schedule your inspections...
February 21, 201909:59 AM
We regularly post about performing friction tests. But what exactly do we mean by friction and why is it so important? Service & Maintenance Manager Peter Hesselink explains: “In order for a helicopter to land safely on a helipad or...
February 13, 201910:02 AM
Time for a new #UPdate on our latest project! This weekend we constructed the tarpaulin and started the Bayards UP treatment by water jetting the surface of this helideck to prepare it for the next stage: friction blasting the planking...
February 6, 201910:54 AM
Our colleague Erik Hoefnagel helping us out with the mechanical engineering for our next job: getting this helideck UP to the latest CAP437 standards. Stay tuned for more UPdates on this subject!
#UPdate #CAP437 #BayardsUP
January 31, 201908:29 AM
All dressed UP! Throwback Thursday to last week, when Jelle Lanting and Peter Hesselink represented Bayards UP at the Society of Petroleum Engineers International Black Tie Candlelight Dinner & Dance.
#blacktie #gala #bayardsup
January 23, 201910:00 AM
UP all night! Last week, our Supervisor Gert-Jan Boers flew to Cyprus to perform a friction test on a pipelay vessel’s helideck. After performing the late night friction test, the vessel was able to set sail for Israel that same...
January 15, 201904:11 PM
Well begun is half done! Meet Anton UijtdeHaag, our Service & Maintenance Coordinator. He assists our clients and supports our Supervisors so they can do their job in the field.
#MeetUP #Meettheteam #Teamwork
January 3, 201910:53 AM
Our Service and Maintenance supervisor Jeffrey Peeters UP on his last job of 2018 on a helideck in sunny Cadiz, Spain.
#maintenance #service #bayardsup #bayards
December 19, 201801:13 PM
Have you ever seen the Northern lights on a helideck?
Testing the DIFF system at night resulted in this beautiful aurora-like light show on the helipad. Photo taken by our supervisor Gert-Jan Boers.
#helideck #aluminium #lights #construction #heliportsolutions #bayards #workatbayards...
December 3, 201802:25 PM
Same wind farm, different - but equally stunning - photos
These photos perfectly show how offshore weather conditions can entirely change the view, not to mention the working conditions. Luckily our supervisors Jeffrey Peeters and Gert-Jan Boers are UP for...
November 28, 201808:20 AM
Our Service & Maintenance Supervisor Jeffrey Peeters UP on the job offshore in the Baltic Sea. We can't get enough of these views!
More info on our services can be found here:
#maintenance #offshore #serviceability #deckwithaview #offshorewind #workoffshore
November 26, 201801:13 PM
Before we UPgraded this helideck, the friction levels were far too low for helicopters to land safely on the deck. After blasting the helideck and applying our in-house developed coating system, this helideck is now fully compliant with the CAP...
November 17, 201811:19 AM
UP on the job
This photo was taken during our annual inspection of a helipad in Amberg, Germany. These inspections consist of checking different aspects, such as the helipad’s heat tracing and fire-fighting system. This photo shows the importance of...
November 2, 201802:13 PM
UP on the job
A photo taken by our Manager Service & Maintenance Jelle Lanting of our Service & Maintenance Supervisor Gert-Jan Boers inspecting the Royal London Hospital helipad earlier today.
#maintenance #hospitals #inspection #helipad #helicopters #airambulance
October 19, 201810:01 AM
In addition to Ria, Amanda, Dick & Peter. Jelle will also be present at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (OEEC). Meet us at booth 1.304.
October 16, 201804:05 PM
Our Supervisor Gert-Jan Boers commissioning the Deck Integrated FireFighting System on an offshore wind substation's helideck in the North Sea.
More info on UP:
#helideck #offshorewind #heliport #aluminium #substation
October 5, 201802:15 PM
"Winter is coming..." And of course you don't want any downtime caused by snow and ice, so our supervisor Gert-Jan Boers is making sure the heat tracing on this Swiss helipad is working correctly.
More info:
#helipad #safety #helicopter...
September 27, 201810:43 AM
UP on the job: a beautiful autumn morning captured by our supervisor Jeffrey Peeters in Westpoort, Amsterdam.
September 21, 201803:39 PM
Green means go!
Yesterday our supervisor Gert-Jan Boers performed a friction test on a Bayards helideck offshore in the North Sea. We retrofitted this helideck – which stayed in operation during the entire retrofit – using our in-house developed paint...
September 13, 201810:30 AM
UP on the job: pre-inspection before the real work on this deck starts on Monday. Stay tuned for more progress pictures!
More info on our services:
#inspection #maintenance #helideck #offshore
September 4, 201810:38 AM
A maintenance job UP on a Bayards Aluminium Constructions helideck offshore in the evening on the North-Sea. Reducing risk & improving safety! More info on our maintenance service:
#maintenance #offshore
August 31, 201812:33 PM
Last night our supervisor Gert-Jan Boers caught the sun landing on a helideck.
More info on our activities:
#maintenance #service #offshore #aluminium
August 28, 201812:27 PM
Bayards UP is present at ONS - Exhibition, Conference, Festival 2018, so if you have any questions regarding inspections, maintenance or upgrades for your offshore helideck, visit booth 5110!
Amanda Mackintosh, Gerben Roks, Jelle Lanting & Ria Hut